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This dog named Red is not a fan of mornings. While the pooch loves going to far-flung adventures, Red is not a morning dog. Zofie Rot and Andrew Revesz, the dog’s fur parents, know this too well. Whenever they would bring the dog to morning adventures, Red seemed uninterested. Instead, the dog likes sleeping during this time of day.

It did not take too long, though, for the pooch to find someone to get up for in the morning. While Red and his parents are on a campsite, a dog came sniffing around their tent. Instead of getting aggressive to the other dog, Red became friends with him.

When Zofie and Andrew woke up the next day, they found the two dogs playing together like siblings. The couple tried to look for the dog’s owner, but they could not find them, so they thought that the pooch was a stray.

Soon enough, Zofie and Andrew learned from a fellow camper the dog’s backstory. According to the camper, the dog, who has a nickname of Blue Bear, got left by his former owners. Red did not know about this, so the pooch stayed there and waited for his previous owners.

Upon learning this, the couple got saddened, so they asked their fellow camper why no one adopted Blue Bear. The fellow camper did not answer. But for Zofie and Andrew, it was clear that no one wants to take the dog.

Since they saw how Blue Bear bonded well with Red, the couple decided to bring the dog home. It was win-win for them because Red would have a brother by his side. More than this, they would have a new dog they could bring to their adventures. Zofie and Andrew are excited about what will happen to Blue Bear under their care.

Credits to Andrew Revesz.


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