Puppies that are born with disabilities are often surrendered in animal rescue shelters. Most people aren’t ready or willing to give the extra time and care that these dogs need to live life normally. One of the most common disabilities for a lot of dogs is called Swimmer’s Syndrome.

A Pit Bull puppy named Layla had Swimmer’s Syndrome but her new family didn’t have any idea about the condition. They just thought that Layla was special and needed extra help to walk. So, Layla’s mom would use her rubber hair ties to tie Layla’s legs together to help strengthen her muscles and also to teach her how to walk normally.

Despite Layla’s condition, she remained quite a playful and spunky dog who loves cuddling with her humans and even chase everyone around. Layla didn’t care about her condition at all and she would always try to stand up no matter how many times she fell. Eventually, Layla developed enough strength in her legs that she was finally able to stand up and even walk normally like any other dog.

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Layla also learned to run and she started enjoying long walks at the park with her family. However, nothing excited Layla more when her baby human sister was born. Layla can’t get enough of her baby sister and she would never leave her side. Whenever they’re outdoors, Layla would do zoomies around her baby sister and also ride together on a wagon.

Puppies with Swimmer’s Syndrome may be off-putting for many people. It does take some extra work to help them with their mobility but it’s all worth it. The bond that you develop with these dogs will really be quite strong and you’ll definitely see just how happy they become when they finally learn how to walk and run.

Layla is a fighter and it’s also thanks to her human family who didn’t give up on her and gave her a chance to be such a happy dog. Layla gets so spoiled by her family a lot. Here’s a heartwarming video showing how Layla learned to do zoomies even with Swimmer’s Syndrome thanks to the love and patience her family gave her.

Video Source Cute Dodo via YouTube


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