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The term “stray” is frequently used to refer to dogs that are scruffy, unattractive, and filthy. That is why people are quite surprised when they find a lovely canine rummaging through trash cans and walking the streets all by itself. Expect a story about it to go viral on the internet when something like this happens.

The residents of Hoengseong campsite were concerned about the sounds that they heard at night. When daytime comes, they discovered garbage cans with their contents strewn out. So they decided to check out the footage from street cameras, and they were astounded by what they found.

The residents’ suspicions were partially accurate. The camera revealed that a stray dog was actually rummaging through the garbage at night. However, the locals did not anticipate the dog to be a sophisticated Shetland sheepdog.

Numerous questions rushed through the minds of the residents. How could this dog possibly be a stray? Was someone looking for this dog?

To be able to really find answers to their questions, they called an animal behaviorist who investigated the area.

The specialist investigated the local slopes surrounding the campsite. The results of the investigation happened to be inconclusive, and the dog could not be located at that time. Instead, the specialist proceeded to plan for a rescue effort that was going to happen at night.

In the midst of the campground, a big enclosure trap was set up. To entice the dog into the enclosure, trash cans were placed inside. When night fell, the stray dog was successfully trapped and recovered. The animal was then taken to a veterinarian for a medical examination.

The lack of a microchip on the dog suggested that it may not have an owner after all. People did not discover how such a posh dog ended up in this predicament, but it no longer mattered.

After its visit to the veterinarian, the specialist brought it to his dog shelter, where it had the opportunity to socialize with other canines.

Source: SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐


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