Andrew Taylor is a professional toolmaker from Kaiapoi, New Zealand. Andrew has a dog named Bella, who loves playing with sticks in his yard and at the park. Andrew started noticing that there was a serious lack of good playing sticks lying around. One day while trimming trees at his home, Andrew got the idea to create safe playing sticks for the dogs in his neighborhood.

The 59-year-old man knew a brand new dog park was opening up in his neighborhood. He decided he would contribute reusable toy sticks for the dogs to use at the new park. Andrew began collecting the branches in his yard and then sanding them down. When he was done making plenty of toy sticks, he hand-built a special box to house the sticks.

Andrew came up with the name “Stick Library” and etched the title onto the box. Andrew also engraved “please return” onto the box so that people understood they were meant to be reusable. Andrew’s daughter, Tayla, helped spread the word of the park’s Stick Library on her TikTok account.

Word spread quickly, and about fifty people came to the park to try out the sticks. One neighbor even brought his cat to try them out! Everyone at the dog park loved Andrew’s clever and simple idea. The dogs love picking out a stick from the library, and everyone has been very good about returning them when their dogs are ready to go home.

Andrew loved creating the Stick Library. Besides the joy of making the sticks and the box, Andrew has enjoyed bringing the community together. Neighbors appreciate not having to search for the perfect stick all day. The park never had any sticks lying around, so the Stick Library is the perfect solution. Check out the Stick Library in action below:

Credits: 1 NEWS YouTube


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