Moms have unique ways of teaching their babies how to speak certain words. This woman is one of those moms, and she wants her baby to say “Mama.” Unfortunately, the family dog seems to get the lesson first.

When it comes to online videos, one of the funniest ones often involves babies and puppies. This hilarious video features just that.

In Utah, the Diaz-Giovanni family experienced a funny moment when Mommy Andrea tried teaching some lessons. She tried to teach baby Sam to speak the word “Mama.” What happened next left everyone laughing.

The 27-second video shows Mommy Andrea trying to feed the baby, named Sam while teaching him to say “Mama.” Their dog, Patch, sits beside Baby Sam and it looks like he’s trying to learn the lesson as well.

Mommy Andrea repeatedly says, “Mama,” hoping to hear the same word from Baby Sam. But, Patch, the dog, seemed to want to compete with Baby Sam and struggled to form the word out of his mouth.

Initially, Patch barked and barked while trying his best to say “Mama.” He looked impatient as If he wanted to finally say it out loud so that his mom will feed him with the delicious food that she’s been eating in front of him and Baby Sam.

After a few tries, Patch seemed to say “Mama” successfully, and he kept repeating it. Andrea and the rest of the family laughed so hard upon hearing him.

Baby Sam seemed to realize that Patch was trying to outshine him, so he tried shushing the pup. It was so cute and at the same time, hilarious that everyone laughed harder.

Patch looked eager to have a taste of Andrea’s food and kept on howling “Mama.” The dog thinks that he will receive a “reward” after successfully uttering the word, “Mama.” Unfortunately, the video was too short, and it did not reveal what happened next.

Thank you to Sam Giovanni for posting this lovely video!


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