Dog lovers make sure that their canine friends are present in all their life’s important events. Such is the case of Jason and Shandress Griffin, a couple from Tofino, British Columbia, who made sure that their dogs were present at their wedding. Since it was the biggest day of their lives, and it was only fitting that their furbabies were there.

The Griffins and the dogs

Navi, Arbour, Zero, and Holden looked fancy in their custom bow-ties during the wedding. The couple grabbed their leashes when it was time to dance, and the dogs loved every minute of it. It was not part of the plan, but for Shandress, it only felt right to have the dogs dance with them because they are a huge part of their lives.

Shandress runs a doggy daycare center in Tofino. Holden, a Bernese Mountain dog, and Zero, a Samoyed, were already with her then. Little did she know that the dogs had a role in bringing her closer to the man she was to marry.

The couple’s first interaction happened online when Jason asked if he can go on a walk with Shandress and her dogs. His interest in her four-legged best friends made her fall in love with him and the rest, as we all know, is history. The couple then adopted Arbour, a Bernese Mountain dog, and Navi, an Australian Shepherd mix to be part of their family.

Lovely wedding memories

Jason and Shandress devote a huge chunk of their time to their dogs. During the wedding, they made sure that the dogs were present in the photos because these were memories they want to keep looking back to. All four pups posed and smiled with the couple as the photographer snapped away. Months after the wedding, the couple welcomed another Australian Shepherd to their family.

Credits to CBC



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