To say that our pups like to make friends is a big understatement. Dogs are furry friends that are like little kids. You have to look after them, they are always hungry, and they always like to play. Perhaps the only thing that makes dogs different from kids is that they like to nap, and kids don’t.

But if there is one trait that surely takes the cake when it comes to the similarities, it’s their playful nature. Unless your dog is tired, they are always game when it comes to playtime. More often than not, they are the ones who need to beg you to play with them. So if you are too busy to spare some time to play with them, you should think twice before you get a pet dog.

But since they are very playful, dogs may not need your services in the playtime department. There are plenty of times that they find enjoyment in playing with other things like their toys, and sometimes other animals. This is what the dog in this video proved, and it was hilarious!

Dogs like to be friends with other animals, and unusual play dates aren’t too uncommon nowadays. You can add deer to the list of uncommon animals that our dogs make friends with. The goldendoodle in the video is Bella. Her human dad James explained that they saw three deer out in their yard one morning.

Bella wanted to play with them, but unfortunately, they went away. But later on, one of them came back to the yard. Perhaps this little fawn was curious about Bella and the two starting playing. What kind of games deer play? Surely they can’t play fetch or any other games that dogs play.

Except for one, tag – or more like the “I chase you, you chase me” game. Bella would chase the deer, and then they would quickly switch roles. The deer would start chasing Bella towards the house. It was a bit confusing if who was afraid of who. But one thing is for sure, it’s fun for us to watch. Check out the video below.

For licensing or Usage contact – Three deer have been hanging around in my yard since 9am! Bella finally got one of them to play with her LOL!

Posted by James Kolar on Sunday, February 17, 2019

Video credit: James Kola via Facebook



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