The internet has been abuzz with an adorable clip of a Golden Retriever and a German Short-Haired Pointer. In the footage, the dogs had fun with the waves, sand, and good company.

The video was posted by the pets’ owner, and we couldn’t be more thankful. The Retriever’s name is Zazu, while the Pointer goes by Walle.

Together, these two served major childhood feels while they frolicked on the beach. Their energetic activities gained the most attention, and we’re here for it.

The footage showed Zazu running with Walle by his side, chasing each other and the poor seagulls who came near them.

As you can imagine, the video has charmed people. It now has almost 40,000 views on YouTube and thousands of likes to it. It’s that good, and those numbers are steadily climbing by the day.

We think that these two are the perfect pair. Zazu’s more on the chill side, while Walle is always up for anything and everything that require tons of energy. They’re both beautiful dogs, too.

There’s nothing more relaxing than watching dogs have fun and convincing their mom to come and have a go at it. We could watch this all day since it’s the cutest thing ever.

Zazu kissed a jellyfish while Walle dug sand and ran the length of the beach and back. Walle covered a lot of ground, given that the Pacifica Esplanade in San Francisco, California, is huge!

Zazu eventually settled on the beach after his jellyfish encounter. He’s not a fan of all that running around, and he was ready to go home. He gave mom kisses and let her know he was bushed.

We think two dogs went home tired and happy that day. Glad you guys had fun, and gracias for sharing this clip with us, mom!

Credits to Zazu Talks via YouTube


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