When you’re given a surprise gift, your appreciation should show in your actions. This female Bulldog named Willow certainly didn’t lack in that department when she was given a surprise.

Willow was chilling by her awesome self one day when her hooman mom suddenly covered the puppy’s eyes with a bonnet. Mom then proceeded to give Willow a spoonful of peanut butter.

We can only really imagine what was going through this puppy’s mind. She must have been confused, but her sniffer and tongue picked up that buttery taste, and it was on!

When the bonnet came off and Willow saw the peanut butter jar, she perked up even more! This pooch could not believe her luck.

Puppy delight

Her big eyes said a lot about how much she loved the unexpected treat. She lapped at the spoon filled with peanut butter like it was earth’s last supply.

She even rolled into her mom afterward to show her appreciation for this great snack. This doggo was raised right, judging by her actions. What a fine puppy you are, Willow!

We wonder if Willow will ever get more of that tasty treat. We know she would, but let’s just hope puppy mom doesn’t give this pooch too much.

We could tell the puppy loved the snack because she licked it clean. Willow’s story just goes to show how great peanut butter is for dogs.

Thankful pet

When given in moderation, peanut butter treats can act as a dog’s motivation. It’s especially good when you’re doing puppy training, so thanks, Willow’s hooman, for this adorable clip.

We hope you had the best time, doggo. Continue being a good puppy and we’re sure you’ll have plenty of your favorite snacks come your way.

Stay adorable and thankful to your mom, and here’s to many more good surprises in the future!

Credits to BViral via YouTube


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