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On one beautiful February Sunday in West Yorkshire, Richard Crum who lives in West Yorkshire, decided it would definitely be the ideal day to go out for a walk with his dog Florence. On that particular day, though, he made the error of neglecting to bring Florence’s toy ball along for the stroll. Richard was unconcerned that he had forgotten his dog’s ball.

Florence always finds a way to amuse herself by chewing on a stick or a discarded water bottle, so Richard expected today to be one of those days. But what happened surprised him completely.

Florence turned to Richard, proudly giving to him her toy for the day, after hunting for a temporary replacement for the toy they left at the house.

Richard was in complete surprise and horror, while Florence must be overjoyed by her discovery. He wasn’t sure at first, but as he got closer to Florence, he realized she was chewing on a dildo rather than a stick. Richard couldn’t decide whether to cry or laugh!

But one thing was certain: he had to record this event. So he pulled out his phone and snapped some pictures of his dog and her new toy. Richard’s disbelief faded quickly, and he was replaced by apprehension about strangers witnessing his dog gnawing on a dildo.

As a result, he was soon chasing Florence and disposing of her new toy. Florence, on the other hand, was not about to give up just yet. Richard pursued Florence for a long time, and at times he would use a stick to entice her to him.

Florence plainly favored the new toy, as she continued to run around with it. Richard managed to get the toy out of his dog’s mouth after seven minutes, but not before a rider noticed the dildo still with Florence. According to Richard, the cyclist’s expression indicated that he was bewildered.

Richard must have taken away a vital lesson from this experience: he should never forget Florence’s toy ball when going on walks with her.

Source: YorkshireLive


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