Kirsten Callander has Meniere’s disease—an ear condition that caused both of her ears to be deaf.

Her life was saved when Pickle, a hearing dog, woke and warned her about the fire. The dog jabbed and licked her keeper endlessly, giving her the indication of the threat.

Pickle directed Kirsten outside the room so she could get a hold of the heat sensor and feel its vibrations and realize the large mass of smoke.

Kirsten said that she wouldn’t be alive if her dog hadn’t woken her up that night.

Pickle saved her life, and there is no doubt about that.

She said that Pickle is a companion, a soul mate, and a God-given angel who is always there when she needs her.

Pickle lives in New York with Kirsten for two years together with Fiancée Matt.

Kirsten firmly believes that without Pickle, they would’ve come to an end as the fire and harmful smoke that started at the neighbor’s house entered their home.

According to Kirsten, they were fast asleep at around 10:30 pm when Pickle unexpectedly jumped at her. The dog kept on licking her and pushing her in the head.

Opening her eyes, Kirsten saw her dog and asked her what was wrong. The dog got off the bed and lie down on the floor—a gesture for danger.

Both of them went outside the room as Kirsten started to smell the smoke. She said that she thought it was nothing, but the dog was very persistent.

Pickle lead her to the kitchen, where she felt the vibrations of the heat sensor.

When Kirsten realized what was happening, she went back to Matt and told him what she saw and that they needed to get out immediately.

The couple and Pickle got away safely while the fire-fighters took care of the fire next door.

Kirsten is so grateful for being saved by Pickle. Without the cockapoo, the couple’s days would have ended. That is why the Hearing Dog will be attending the wedding as Kirsten’s Bridesmaid.

David Robson, the Charity Spokesperson of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, where Pickle was trained, said that they are proud of the hearing dog.

Thanks to the Metro for sharing the original story.


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