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Rocco is a German Shepherd who is 3 years old. He lived in Dallas, Texas with his owners until they decided to abandon him with the Dallas Animal Services. The family found out that a new baby was on the way and so they decided that they were better off without him.

At the shelter, Rocco became a fearful animal. He would always be in his kennel and he was shaking because of fear.

Everything in the shelter was new for Rocco. They were all strange and it caused him to stress out. His eyes were sad as if he didn’t know why he was there.

One day, a woman came to the shelter. She saw that Rocco was trembling. She felt pity for the dog so she recorded a video which she shared online. Her goal was to get people to notice the dog and get it adopted.

Preethi Pillaipakkam is a foster parent for DFW German Shepherd Rescue. She saw Rocco’s video and went to the shelter to take the dog. She knew that dogs like Rocco shouldn’t have to suffer in shelters.

Preethi said that Rocco was timid. He was scared of everything including getting inside the car. When he was inside, he instantly hid under the seat.

Preethi took Rocco home with her. He was always pacing in small steps and he was always anxious. He was underweight too at 60 lbs. when he should be around 85 lbs.

Rocco didn’t know how to relax. He was confused still. He was in a new place again and everything was different.

Preethi’s German Shepherd helped Rocco. He became Rocco’s guide and made him feel at home.

Soon, Rocco was able to adjust well. He loves spending time with Preethi. He also loves his toys. In no time, Rocco was adopted by a family who knows his past and is helping him become even better.

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