It’s amazing how we became best friends with dogs despite the fact that we cannot talk to them. However, this does not mean that we cannot communicate with each other. Dogs talk to people with the use of body language. Whenever they do a specific movement or pose, they are trying to tell us something.

So whenever our dogs do certain poses, we should pay attention because they’re actually talking to us, especially when dogs are behaving unusually. Good thing Officer Jeff Gonzalez knows this fact and did not think twice about taking action, and because of him and a pup, a life was saved.

Officer Gonzalez was doing his routine patrol in one of the communities in Germantown, Maryland, when a black Labrador named Johnny, caught his eye. The pooch was able to get the police officer’s attention by running up and down the street and barking non-stop. This gave Officer Gonzalez a hunch that something was wrong.

He pulled over and stepped out of his vehicle, then tried to grab the dog so that he can return him to his owner, but Johnny kept on evading the officer. Moments later, the pup took off, leaving the officer behind. At that moment, Officer Gonzalez knew that the dog was trying to lead him somewhere.

He quickly followed Johnny and the pup led him to their house where the officer found Krystal Lauer sitting on their front porch, unconscious. Officer Gonzalez immediately called for an ambulance and checked on the woman. She was unconscious, but she had a pulse.

She was unconscious for over an hour and in the freezing weather, she wouldn’t have survived if nobody found her. When she recovered, Krystal and her daughter called Officer Gonzalez, their hero. But the humble police officer said that the real hero was their dog, Johnny. If it weren’t for him, he would never have found Krystal.

Credits: TODAY’S TMJ4


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