Bunny, a beautiful Old English Sheepdog – Poodle mix, wowed everyone when videos of her “talking” made rounds online. No, she didn’t develop the ability to utter words using her mouth. Instead, she would press on buttons attached to a board whenever she would communicate with her fur mom, Alexis Devine.

The two met in 2019, and since then, Devine has been trying to understand Bunny’s behavior to communicate with her better. Among the articles she came across while doing research on the subject was that of speech-language pathologist Christina Hunger and her dog Stella.

Hunger used an alternative communication device back when she was training Stella to “speak.” Seeing how successful this method was, Devine drew inspiration from it, added a few improvements, and used it while teaching Bunny.

An existential question

Devine documents the fluff ball’s progress and shares it with their followers on TikTok and Instagram. They’ve seen her grow from only pressing a single button to stringing several so she could form phrases. Their absolute favorite is whenever Bunny would use the buttons to tell her fur mom how much she loves her.

Some interesting phrases and questions pop in every now and then. One that gained a lot of attention from their followers was a question the pooch recently asked Devine. The video showed Bunny asking “who this?” before looking at herself in the mirror. She then looked out the window and pressed the button that said “help.”

The absence of answers

While most of their followers were impressed by her ability to ask a profound question, others were creeped out by it. Devine eased everyone’s worries by telling them that she’s doing everything she can to decode what Bunny was trying to say to her. If you want to chime in and decode the pooch’s question, watch the video below:


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