This planet of ours is blessed with many talented creatures, human or not. Seeing someone show their skills off can be inspiring and motivating, so read on.

This Golden Labrador Retriever sure is talented. He’s this small family’s only pet, so he never lacks attention and pampering.

Today’s no exception, and while hanging out, a sound caught the Labbie’s attention. It started low at first, and then it got louder. The pitch rose as well, so the pet wondered what that was.

The sound came from the television, so the golden pet watched closely. This good boy probably figured the sound was coming from a firetruck, so he knew that it was a signal of some sort.

The Labbie decided that he needed to know how to sound off like this. It would be helpful to his family, and they’ll know immediately that there’s a fire in their immediate area.

He got closer to the television to get a better audio, and then he began practicing. This golden boy howled like a fire alarm, and he was bent on perfecting it.

The Labbie practiced and even adjusted his tone until his howls were the same pitch as the fire alarm. That’s mighty observant and brilliant of you, boy!

The Labbie practiced a couple more times, and each time, he got better. Practice makes perfect after all, and this one knew that he couldn’t afford to get this wrong.

We could just imagine what this doggo would do every time someone fires up the grill. We hope someone told this pet that grilling’s an exception.

Something tells us that this Labbie will go on to become firefighters’ best friend. With that keen sense of smell and that perfect imitation of the fire alarm, it’s not unlikely.

Excellent work, Labbie; we salute you for always putting your family’s welfare first!

Photo and video credits to SupriyaSanoj via YouTube


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