During our saddest times like when we lose someone we love, we need a companion. The therapy dogs in funeral homes take on this role. These therapy dogs are there to offer comfort and solace to those who grieve by being there.

Dogs offer empathy

This ability of dogs to offer empathy is because of emotional contagion. This term means that there are feelings that occur between canines and humans. In addition to the emotional bonding, recent studies show that dogs are capable of sensing emotions. Our canine friends also know the difference between good and bad emotions.

Close relationship

Dogs can send out a signal to us to use mindful breathing, among other things, for us to calm down until the overwhelming emotions have diminished. Since our canine friends share the same environment as us, our emotional state is relevant to them.

Dogs provide support

When someone goes to attend a wake, they are hurting. Losing a loved one isn’t easy. A dog can aid as it will allow you to pour out your affections, like patting them on the head or hugging them. It supports you when the emotions are overwhelming and can make you feel like you are no longer alone.

Certified therapy dogs

It is now common practice to have a therapy dog in a funeral home. These dogs are trained for duty and are certified before they get integrated into the staff. Note that in many funeral homes, there is no one available to aid people when they are grieving. Perhaps, there might be a priest or a counselor, but that person will not be available all the time. A therapy dog can be with those who are suffering from grief to keep them company during the wake.

Comfort companion

There is an unknown dog that can be your best friend during the most difficult of times. The therapy dog at a funeral home provides those who mourn with unconditional love. The therapy dog also provides a distraction from grief.

Lulu, the Goldendoodle

Our video features a Goldendoodle named Lulu, who is the therapy dog for Ballard-Durand Funeral and Cremation Services. A sweet dog, her role fills the need for those who mourn to have a constant companion, upon request. Keep in mind that the loving companionship of our canine friends is invaluable especially during our darkest moments. It is good to be aware that there is this option to ask for a calming therapy dog when grieving.

Source: Ballard-Durand Funeral & Cremation Services





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